How to activate - (Service Activation)

Activating your email account can be done by activating your services. This is the email address to which Rutgers University will send official communications and notices.



Manage Email Addresses - (Manage Email Addresses)

Managing your emails allows you to choose where you would like your official Rutgers email delivered. You can choose to have your Rutgers email address forwarded to a different account, or you can choose to use a Rutgers provided email service. The personalized email address (alias) is not an account that you can log into. You can read email sent to your personalized address by logging into your selected Delivery address(es).  



Scarletapps - (Scarletmail)

Scarletapps is the Rutgers implementation of Google Apps for Education. The ScarletApps suite includes the core Google hosted applications; Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Talk, Video and Sites. ScarletApps provides a wealth of resources for communication and collaboration that can enrich the learning, instructional and work environments of Rutgers students, faculty and staff. (ScarletApps FAQ)