Spam Filtering

Spam filtering is automatically turned on for all Andromeda accounts.

Manage your spam filter configuration

Managing your spam filter configuration allows you to change the default spam kill level or threshold and control what addresses are added to your whitelist and blacklist. These configuration changes must be made within the NCS Webmail system for Andromeda and Pegasus and will affect mail delivery for all mail clients such as Outlook, Eudora, MAC MAIL.

To manage your spam filter:

  • Log into the NCS Webmail system: (Click Andromeda for faculty staff accounts or Click Pegasus for student accounts)
  • Click on the Options tool at the top of the page
  • Click the SpamAssassin Configuration link.


A list of email addresses (i.e. friend @ or email domains (i.e. that you wish to always deliver to your inbox.


A list of email addresses (i.e. joemoe @ or email domains (i.e. that you wish to always deliver to your spam folder.

Threshold or Kill Level:

The numerical value that identifies a message as spam. When the predefined value is surpassed the specified action is taken.

Spam Filtering Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to access the FAQ

If you have questions or need assistance with customizing your spam filter, please contact the Newark Help Desk at