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Who Can Reserve a Classroom?

Instructional Labs may be reserved for any Rutgers course listed in the spring, summer or fall schedule of classes. The instructor of the course or a representative of the department offering the course may make such reservations.

Other reservations for classrooms to train students, faculty or staff may be requested by any Rutgers' program, organization, or department, and must be approved by the Manager, User Services of Computing Services.

Others who have been authorized to use University facilities may also make such requests. Approval of reservations for non-course related reservations are made at the discretion of Computing Services in accordance with these policies and procedures. A policy on use of labs by organizations outside of Rutgers is available. (See "More Lab Policies" at left)

How to Reserve a Classroom

An instructional lab can be reserved by contacting campus scheduling. The Help Desk is available to answer questions about the reservation request process Monday through Friday, generally between 8:30am and 4:30pm.

Reservation Request Periods

Reservations should be submitted during the Reservation Request Period corresponding to the academic session of the course.

During these periods, NCS will review reservation requests for the Instructional Computer Labs and compile the schedule for the coming semester. NCS will attempt to fulfill the needs of as many requestors as possible.

RESERVATIONS REQUESTS WILL BE CONFIRMED upon completion of the semester schedule.

Late Reservations

Reservations made after the Reservation Request Periods will be accepted on a first come, first served basis if:

  • The instructional lab is not reserved for the requested time
  • The request is made more than a week in advance
  • The request is for a purpose as described in the NCS guidelines
  • The request is for a "fair" amount of time (see the following description of “fair” time)
  • The request is for technology-based instruction
  • The requested software/hardware is or will be available

How Much Time Can Be Reserved

NCS will attempt to reserve as much time as necessary to meet the needs of individual courses and departments, and at the same time, attempt to prevent any one course or department from unfairly monopolizing the labs. If the lab is available and no other courses compete for the same time, then NCS will honor the request. When conflicts arise and an instructor is unable to reserve the lab because another department requested a large amount of lab time, NCS will contact the Dean of those schools to arbitrate between the two departments/courses to come up with a "fair" distribution of the lab time.

Instructional Computer Lab time reserved should not exceed the course time published in the Rutgers Schedule of Classes. An exception to this guideline will be one-time seminars conducted in large courses. For example, a course may require its students to use special software to complete their assignments. Seminars may be given during an early part of the semester to instruct students on the use of particular software. NCS encourages this practice because its student Lab Consultants are not experts on all types of specialized software and will be able to provide only limited assistance with such software packages. NCS considers it acceptable to schedule several short seminars during the early weeks of a semester to allow all students in a given course an opportunity to attend.

Under What Circumstances May A Reservation Be Denied

The Instructional Computer Labs MAY NOT be reserved under the following circumstances:

To use standard teaching mediums, such as chalkboards, overhead projectors, slide shows, videos, laser discs or films without using the student computers --- even if the course discusses computer concepts. Regular classrooms can be used for such purposes. For example, if an instructor will not be conducting hands-on sessions using the computers until the fourth week of a course, then a regular Rutgers classroom should be used for the first three weeks and the instructional computer lab should be reserved starting with the fourth week of the semester.

To demonstrate the use of software utilizing the classroom projection equipment, without having students follow along on the individual workstations. "Smart Classrooms" can be used to conduct such demonstrations. Scheduling Services should be contacted to reserve a “Smart Classroom” at (973) 353-5507.

To allow students in a particular course to come in and work independently on assignments and projects. Rutgers students may use the computers in the public labs to work on their assignments and should compete equally for computer time. An instructor must not provide unequal time for students in this manner.

To allow unsupervised computer instruction. If no instructor is to be present in the room, reservations for the Instructional Computer Lab will not be approved. Instead, students can, for example, run on-line tutorials, use multi-media stacks, or follow an instructor's written directions on computers in public labs at any time the labs are open, within the usage constraints in place at the individual labs.

Spring, Summer, Fall Schedule

  Semester Period Accept Reservations Publish Calendar
Fall September - December July 1st August 1st
Spring January - May November 1st December 1st
Summer June - August April 1st May 1st

All requests made after the publish date will be handled on a first come first serve basis. Reservations for non-course related classroom use, must be made AT LEAST ONE WEEK in advance. It is highly recommended, however, that reservations be submitted to NCS as early as reservations are accepted for that semester to ensure availability.

Requests for specific software special classroom needs MUST be made in advance. Such needs may include installation of course specific software. Special software and license information must be sent to NCS 3-6 weeks prior to the start of the semester.

Periodically, NCS performs various maintenance and upgrades to the classrooms and equipment. In the event such activity requires cancellation of a classroom reservation, NCS will attempt to provide at least one week of advance notice.

Priority Guidelines

The following guidelines will be used to prioritize reservation requests:

  • Regularly scheduled Rutgers courses
  • Student Seminars, including those offered by NCS
  • Student Organizations
  • Faculty training
  • Staff training

Individuals, departments, and organizations associated with Rutgers are permitted to use the Computer Classrooms. Classrooms are not available for lease to non-Rutgers affiliated organizations.

Class Size

The minimum class size for reserving a Instructional Computer Lab is 10 (ten) students. Arrangements to reserve several workstations in a public lab may be possible if an instructor is willing to work around the other general-access users in the lab. To discuss options for small groups, please send email to NCS Scheduling

Maximum class size is equal to the number of machines in the particular classroom. Depending on the nature of the course, NCS recommends that instructors bring Teaching Assistants or "TAs" to assist in the instruction of large groups. Experience has shown it is difficult to conduct a demonstration while simultaneously attending to the individual progress of all students in the lab.

Class Ending

The instructor must release the Instructional Computer Lab at the end of the reservation time. Extensions are not permitted.

Instructor's Responsibility

An instructor must be present at all times during the use of the Instructional Computer Lab. A student from the course may not be designated "Acting Instructor" in the absence of the Instructor. Instructors may meet with NCS to review the Instructional Computer Lab Policies and Procedures. To set up an appointment, send email to NCS Scheduling.

Cancellations and No Shows

The instructor should send a cancel notification to at least one week in advance.

If an instructor reserves a instructional computer lab and does not cancel or show up with the students within 15 minutes of the beginning of the reserved time, this is considered a "no show". In this case, the lab reservation will be released. NCS reserves the right to refuse future schedule requests by "no show" instructors. Other reservations made by this instructor may also be canceled. In such a scenario, a letter will also be sent to the appropriate department head informing him/her of the unfortunate situation.

Projection Equipment

Several Instructional Computer Labs contain projection equipment and are indicated by an asterisk (*) in the Overview Section of this document. Lab Consultants on duty at the lab will ensure that the projection equipment is operational prior to the class. Keep in mind that this equipment can only be used while adhering to the "Hands-on Computer Instruction" of these labs. Instructors new to the instructional computer labs may meet with the NCS to learn about the equipment prior to conducting a class. To schedule an appointment, send email to NCS Scheduling.

Instructional Software Obtained by Department or Instructor

After technical analysis and approval by NCS, special software may be installed for use in the instructional computer lab. The software must be received by NCS at least 4 weeks before the start of the semester. Both the license and the software must be provided to NCS. (To discuss special software for the Computer Classrooms, send email to NCS Scheduling.  A department may provide previously obtained software to NCS for installation and testing in the instructional computer lab. It is recommended, however, that the department consult with NCS prior to purchasing software intended for use in an instructional computer lab. NCS staff will advise the department of any special conditions for the purchase to ensure the new software will function properly in the computer lab environment. The department making the purchase should also make sure a refund is possible in case installation does not succeed adequately to meet the course needs.

Software and licensing agreements should be forwarded to NCS. Following successful installation, the software will become part of the computer labs permanent environment and will be accessible in all campus labs, in addition to the one for which it was purchased. The software and licensing agreement will become part of NCS software inventory. For unsuccessful installations, the product will be returned to the department. NCS makes no warranties with respect to software.

Support for Instructional Software

NCS will attempt to ensure the special software continues to function correctly in the labs. NCS lab consultants can be expected to know how to start the software but will not provide user support for special software.

NCS makes no commitment to maintain the old software purchased by individual departments. NCS will remove old software from the systems when it no longer functions properly. NCS does not provide manuals or documentation for special software. The instructor or department may provide manuals or any special documentation at its own expense.

Approximately four months prior to implementation, NCS will inform the appropriate instructors or departments of system changes that will cause significant changes to standard software. NCS will work closely with departments needing to update other software.