Staff Recognition Bonsai Tree Award

November 2012 Murray Karstadt Murray Karstadt receives the November Bonsai Tree Award for his excellent customer service skills and his responsiveness to the technology needs of faculty, staff, and students. 
October 2012 Arif Kabir Arif Kabir receives the October 2012 Bonsai Tree award for his excellent oversight of the lab equipment support team operations and his organization and delivery of the RFP equipment distribution process.
September 2012 Harry Nord For his effective planning and managing of back-to-school activities and for readying Help Desk support to handle the start of semester workload.
August 2012 Susan McKee Susan receives the August 2012 Bonsai Tree award for her effective organization and support of the Departmental Services unit and for her excellent customer relations.
July 2012 Anja Kastl For excellent design, development and implementation of the new NCS website.
June 2012 Bruce Matai Bruce Matai receives the June 2012 Bonsai Tree award for his skillful and professional management and execution of the Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP8 upgrade.
May 2012 Jennifer Scalf For her excellent work on the campus website, the Google Apps for Education project, and the Newark Information Technology Forum meetings.
April 2012 Leonila Matus Le Matus for her steadfast and rigorous activities in the Novatime upgrade and for her knowledge and skill in support of lab systems.
March 2012 Steven Zhou Stephen Zhou received the March 2012 Bonsai Tree award for his skill and knowledge in the technical environment and for his initiative in the machine room project.
February 2012 Luisa Pleger Luisa Pleger receives the February 2012 Bonsai Tree award for her tireless and effective work in support of the division.
January 2012 Rich Rutkowski Richard Rutkoswki receives the January 2012 Bonsai Tree award for his excellent customer service skills and demonstrated team spirit.
December 2011 Monique Bonilla Monique receives the December 2011 Bonsai Tree award for her generous and capable support of many OIT and NCS projects.
November 2011 Loris Stoby Loris earns the November 2011 Bonsai Tree award for a presentation he made on release 5 Labstats application.