Scantron Test Scoring

Scantron Test Scoring


Locations: Dana Media,  Engelhard Hall 313

Newark Computing Services (NCS) currently has two types of Scantron optical scanners: 888P+ and ES2010. The 888P+ grades a form and prints the test results on that form (located in Dana Media). The ES2010 records the test results from each form and records that data in a plain text file (located in Engelhard 313). This file can then be analyzed with any program such as SAS, SPSS or Excel.

Please remember that no matter which scanner you use your students MUST use a #2 pencil and make sure that all erasures are complete. The scanner uses reflected light to grade the forms. Incomplete erasures may cause erroneous readings.

Using the Scantron 888P+

  1. Enter the correct answers on a blank 882-ES SCANTRON form

  2. Fill in the KEY bubble.

  3. Feed the forms through the scanner.

    1. This will mark incorrect answer with a red bar.

    2. The total number of correct answers will be printed at the bottom of the form.

  4. If you elect to fill in the % bubble (to the left of the KEY bubble) the raw score and the percent ( % ) correct will print at the bottom of the form.

  5. If you elect to fill in the 2 bubble (to the left of the KEY bubble) the correct alpha answer will print next to the line that contains the incorrect answer. The red bar will not print.

  6. If you elect to fill in the 3 bubble (to the left of the KEY bubble) the correct numeric answer will print next to the line that contains the incorrect answer. This will replace the previously mentioned red bar.


Scoring a Two Sided Form

  1. Fill in the KEY bubble on both sides

  2. Feed the first side and then the other side. The scanner may beep at you this is typical and requires no action on your part.

  3. Feed the student forms as you did the Master Form.

Note: If you feed a form incorrectly (upside down or backward) a warning alarm will sound. Re-feed the form and continue.

Item Analysis: This requires a special form available from Scantron either 9700, 9701 or 9702.

These form print: number of tests processed, number of incorrect answers per question average score


Using the Scantron ES2010

Each Scantron ES2010 scanner is attached to a PC and can only be used in conjunction with the Scanbook program located on the PC.

  1. Turn the scanner and PC on.

  2. Enter the correct answers on a blank X-101864-RI-L SCANTRON form (In order to read a form you must have a special form definition. We currently have a form definition for only the X-101864-RI-L)

  3. Log onto the computer.

  4. Click Start -> Programs -> Math & Statistics -> Scantron -> Scanbook for Windows -> Scanbook

  5. This will start the Scanbook program.

  6. From the Scanbook initial screen select New from the File menu.

  7. Select Job Definition from the new window.

  8. From the Job Properties window, in the Output section enter the location of your output file. For example if you wished to direct your output to a file named "class101" on the A: drive you would enter: A:\class101

  9. Click the Forms Tab

  10. Click the Browse button and locate SBW32 folder on the C: drive.

  11. Click on the icon for Scanbook. This will open the folder.

  12. The Job Properties window will re-open. Select the SumQs form.

  13. Click the Directional Sign button. This will move the form to the Selected forms section and click OK.

  14. The form definition file you selected will be displayed in a New Job window.

  15. Place your forms face up in the scanners feed hopper. Take a moment to ensure that all forms are in good condition. Bent forms tend to cause jams.

  16. From the Process menu select Scan Job

  17. The process window will appear. As each form is read its data will appear in the process window.

  18. The question marks in the above display indicate missing answers.

  19. If you encounter a jam. Clear the jam and re-feed the form. Press the blue number 2 key on the scanner to start scanning.

  20. After all the forms have been read press the red END button to end the job.

  21. Select Exit from the file menu to end the program.