Printing on Campus

How to print

1. For the first time, user must print from a lab computer.

2. User must swipe their ID card at the Pharos screen.

3. Once the document shows up on the screen, user must touch the screen to select it.

4. Select the print. document, and press Print.

5. The document will print to the attached printer.

*Users can ask lab consultants to assist them.


Printing Allotment/Adding Money ( Printing Allotment )

1. All students and faculty are given $30 every January 1st and July 1st to use for printing. This is the equivalent of 750 black and white sheets, 120 color sheets, or a combination thereof. The $30 is not replenished at the beginning of each semester.

2. Users can add funds by going to the Raider Card office in Woodward Hall, 91 Bleeker St.

3. Users should hold onto their receipts from the Raider Card Office in case there is an issue with funds showing up.


Wireless Color Printing

The wireless network does not support color printing. Users must use the lab computers to print colored documents.


Wireless printing

Students and faculty have the option of printing wirelessly from their personal computers instead of having to utilize the lab computers.

1.  Wireless printing requires the installation of RUWireless_Secure. Users must be signed into RUWireless before attempting to download and install Secure. Installing RUWireless Printer

2. Once the packages are installed, the user will print to RUWireless_NWK.

3. Once a printer is chosen, the document will remain on the server for two hours before the print job must be submitted again. The user just needs to go to the Pharos screen in the room that was designated and swipe his or her ID card.


Guest Wireless Printing

Users who have a guest role do not have the ability to print wirelessly. They can, however, utilize the public terminal computers in Dana Library