Services for Departments

Departmental Services & Computer Repair is a division of Newark Computing Services which provide a variety of technical services such as Computer Installation & Repair, Server Installation & Repair, Cabling, Web Design, and so Much more. See a list of our services below.

Our Mission is to provide you with the best service available in the most cost - effective manner. Certified service technicians are available to discuss your needs and determine the most efficient solutions.




Contract Rate (Hour)

Non-Contract  Rate (Hour)


(on site and/or phone) support for installation, configuration, and conversion for new and/or upgraded computer programs




(on site and/or phone) support for the installation, configuration, upgrading of PC, Mac or peripheral devices.




Contact us directly for the services listed here and for customized service and support needs.

Location: Hill Hall, Room 122
Phone: (973) 353-5086
Fax: (973) 353-1730